Dick Anderson for Mayor

Dick Anderson believes we need commitment and experience beyond City Government. He believes in building partnerships throughout our broader community to benefit Lincoln City.


Dick Anderson joined the Siletz Tribe Charitable Contribution Board in 2014 when he was appointed by the Governor. There are three tribal members, three community members and one tribal council member seated on the Board. Quarterly, they meet to review the grant proposals submitted to the tribe and pass on their recommendations to the Tribal Council who then grant funds to those who apply. The Board then has the honor of participating in the distribution of funds at a gathering where each recipient is awarded their grant check, has their picture taken with a Board member, and speaks briefly to the attendees about their program and how the grant monies will be used.

The Charitable Contribution Fund is provided by the Siletz Tribe as agreed by contract with the State to give back to their community a portion of their profits from Chinook Winds Casino. At this point, they have provided over 12 million dollars in support of applicants from 8 counties and other Tribal groups across the country.

"So many children, elders, veterans and agencies are helped through these awards in so many different ways from education to food and to health and culture." Stated Anderson. "It is a great honor to serve on this tribal board and I am always amazed at the cross section of the community to receive the awards."

Lincoln County Foundation

Dick Anderson has served on the Lincoln County Foundation Board since 2014. The Lincoln County Foundation was created as a non-profit corporation in 1965 to provide an agency through which gifts, bequests, property or funds can be placed in trust for the benefit of the people of Lincoln County. While its emphasis is on the welfare of youth, the provisions are sufficiently broad to include many civic, educational or charitable purposes. This Foundation makes possible permanent benefits to the community through one fund.

The Foundation manages over 5 million dollars in funds destined to assist the youth of Lincoln County in paying their tuitions for advanced education be it trade school or college and university degrees. For the class of 2018, The Foundation distributed 88 scholarships totaling $135,000 in Lincoln County. The Lincoln County Foundation is an efficient and effective way to leave a legacy to this community. This corporation administers gifts under the laws of the State of Oregon and operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. All gifts are state and federal tax deductible.

Recently, Anderson has been working with both Chinook Winds Casino and the David Bice Memorial to assist them in establishing scholarship funds with the Lincoln County Foundation Board. The Foundation can assist groups or individuals with managing their scholarship funds and even awarding the scholarships on their behalf at the high school awards program, if asked to do so.

Helping youth in our community is a high priority for Dick Anderson and he continues to assist our kids in any way possible to achieve their highest potential.

Morning coffee with friends in Lincoln City
Dick traveling with Mr. Lincoln