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There is positive economic growth in Lincoln County with a lot of the accolades going to the Lincoln County Commissioners. Great job, but is it really happening countywide?

With the release of the recent Economic Study of Lincoln County, it is more than ever evident that not all parts of the county benefit equally in economic growth. The disparity of the median income tells it best with the highest median income in the county being Newport at $47,000 and the lowest being Lincoln City at $29,000. The other Lincoln County Cities fall in between.


Property taxes are what provide the primary income for our County budget. Over half the population of Lincoln County lives in one of its seven cities and a majority of the real property assessed value in the County is within these city limits. Additionally, 23% of the county’s assessed value comes from Lincoln City and only 18% comes from Newport


So, while Lincoln City has the lowest median income in the County, it contributes the highest level of assessed value to fund the County budget. Perhaps this is the time that as a County we begin to discuss the need for Wards/Districts/Zones from which our County Commissioners would be elected so all parts of the County are represented.


At the same time, I believe that there would be great value in collaboration between our County and City Governments. Collaboration and cooperation are two key essentials for our county’s future.  None of the current County Commissioners have prior City Government experience. Relationships need to be built so these elected officials will work together to better deliver services throughout the County.


David Allen, a Newport City Councilor, raised the question of whether we should have paid or non-paid County Commissioners. At the very least, we should perhaps discuss   the level of compensation that is currently being paid to these three individuals, especially if the overall county budget is of any concern.  The current structure is to have three Commissioners manage the operations of the County and its policies. The Commissioners are compensated at the level of full time employment. I question whether we, as Citizens, are getting the full benefit of full time employees. Weekly daytime meetings do not constitute full time employment. I’m not suggesting we have the Commissioners punch a time clock or be glued to their desks, but I am suggesting that we, as Citizens, should know what the Commissioners are doing, how they spend their day and the results they are achieving. For example, public calendars of the Commissioners schedules could be made available online. Citizens would then be informed as to meetings they attend outside of the County Commission meetings and workshops or events they attend representing all of us.


I also believe that we are in the high tech world now and Commission meetings should be distributed live on cable and/or live on the internet so Citizens have the opportunity to view the proceedings.  Even holding some of the meetings in the evening rather than 9:30am would benefit citizens who would like to attend after their work hours. Finding out what transpires in the Commission meetings at a later date makes it much more difficult for anyone to respond to an issue in a timely manner. 

Recently, former Army Sargeant Kyle White was awarded the nation's highest military honor for heroic action in Afghanastan. On the wrist of this gracious and humble veteran was a silver bracelet. After the ceremony, White said the bracelet meant more to him than the medal around his neck. It was given to him by another solder who survived the firefight. Etched into the bracelet are the names of the six members of his unit who died that day. The inscription read "Without the team, there would be no Medal of Honor". 

Today, we pause from a world of distractions and 30-second attention spans to simply pause, hear a few word, pay tribute to this special monument that records the lives of team members who don't get the chance to return to their homes, loved ones and enjoy the freedoms for which they gave the ultimate sacrifice...and the thousand of others who join them at rest in graves...some of them marked and some yet undiscovered...around the world. 

This is what Memorial Day is all about! Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. Serious students of history know there has been some debate as to the origin of Memorial Day. Suffice to say, it was originally known as Decoration Day and began with the Civil War Veterans, whether they wore blue or gray, with flowers being placed on their graves. In 1966, President Lyndon Baines Johnson formally proclaimed Memorial Day as a day of remembrance for all of those who died serving America.

I know that this is a commitment that the American Legion shares by advocating for Veterans and supporting military families. Legionnaires are pledged through their Preamble to their Constitution to "preserve the memories and incidents of our association in the Great Wars". This solemn promise is on the back of every Legion membership card! This gathering today is evident of that commitment. 

Today we join the American Legion in remembering that Freedom is Not Free! In fact, it is only possible because our fallen heroes have paid and continue to pay that high price. We continue to lose American Heroes, men and women, in Afghanistan, and in military training accidents and missions around the world. The loss to their families, friends and fellow service member is, like Sargeant White, is permanent...

Some were teenager, most killed in action were under 25. In the eyes of their loved ones and those who knew them, these men and women will be forever young. We, as the North Lincoln County community, need to be there for them and their families, not just the American Legion, but all of us as American citizens because we too all are members of Sargeant White's team, seeking peace while assuring the sacrifice of our fallen heroes was not in vain nor forgotten 

Thank you. 





 (January 19, 2014- Lincoln City, OR)  Dick Anderson, the Mayor of Lincoln City is announcing his candidacy for Lincoln County Commissioner, Position #3 in the May election, the position currently held by Terry Thompson. This announcement came at a post holiday gathering of family, friends, neighbors and supporters.  Anderson hopes that the timing of his announcement will encourage multiple residents in Lincoln City to run for his vacant Mayoral seat in November 2014.


Dick Anderson has served as Mayor of  the City of Lincoln City, a City Councilor, a Planning Commissioner and as a citizen’s representative to the budget committee. He is currently an active member of the Cascade West Area Commission on Transportation and of the Mid-Willamette Valley Area Commission on Transportation, active in the Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association and the Lincoln City Chamber of  Commerce. He is a graduate of the Leadership Lincoln Program sponsored by the Newport Chamber of Commerce and is a past member of the North Lincoln CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). He is a past board member of the Community Development Corporation of Lincoln County, a non-profit organization that develops and owns affordable housing in an effort to meet the housing needs of low income residents of Lincoln County.


“I am concerned that the citizens of North County and all outlying areas of the County do not have a strong enough voice in County government,” said Anderson.  Lincoln County residents can expect me to listen with an open mind to their concerns and to assist them in finding solutions.  Citizens need to be heard.”


Anderson has been a vocal advocate for greater clarity regarding the governmental budgets, expenditures and overall fiscal responsibility and accountability.


    “Lincoln County is confronted with numerous challenges. Ocean issues, roads and highways, tourism, health care and it’s impact on rural hospitals, gaming and forest products just to name a few. I am prepared to take a leadership role in mapping our future.” Said Anderson


Anderson noted that, “well over half the population of Lincoln County resides in Cities.  If elected, I will bring a working knowledge and experience to the Commission regarding City operations that would forge better collaboration between governments that serve the citizens of Lincoln County.”


 “There will be an appeal made by many to maintain the “status quo”, but I am a fresh set of eyes on the issues.  I tackle problems with an open mind not burdened by past attempts and established opinions”, stated Anderson. He goes on to say, “I am fortunate to be retired, which allows me to devote full time to this job rather than taking time away from another business concern”.


For more information on Dick Anderson and his candidacy for Lincoln County Commissioner, please utilize ,,

541-996-8482, 503-680-5898 (c)




In 2012, a group of very diverse Citizens agreed to work together in a "working group". They agreed to work on a topic that affects the livibility of our community. To listen, understand, feel the compassion of others positions and make some recommendations as to how this issue should be best handled. They made recommendations as a group. Planning Commission and City Council will now pick up the ball and proceed through the public process. New ordinances and policies will take shape from the hard work these Citizen volunteers put forth.


This group of individuals has pioneered, what I believe to be, the way in which communities and its citizens should resolve issues. This group, that was once comprised of individuals who could barely speak to each other, started the "changing attitude of this City".  A change I hope is recognized by all.


The Vacation Rental Dwelling Working Group, as a whole, is the winner of the 2012 Mayor's Award.


The following people participated in the volunteer group:


Jerry Bottemiller

Bud Chor

Brayden Criswell

Carolyn Ganschow

Steve Griffiths

Zach Job

Sheridan Jones

Diane Kusz

Andy Morgan

Jon Oksenholt

Carolyn Plummer

Dave Price

Barry Rice

Roger Robertso

Carol Rush

Gene Scrutton

John Skipper

Eric Smileuske

Gordon Walker

Kip Ward

Debbie Williams