Dick Anderson for Mayor



AUGUST 26TH, 2018


Tell us about yourself and why you are running for Mayor.

I am the 2nd of 4 sons by Rev. Robert and Ruth Anderson.

I have been married for 48 years to a very supportive and involved wife, Sue Anderson. The community honored her as Woman of the Year in 2014. You may know of her work with Family Promise, as Board President for the past 3 yrs.


Why I’m Running

I am the former Mayor of Lincoln City and current City Councilor from Ward 2.


I have shown the ability to lead as your former Mayor, assisting in identifying priorities and then keeping that Council focused on those priorities and getting them accomplished.


Every day and every Council meeting has shown there are distractions and temptations for the City Council to lose focus, but while Mayor I helped keep the Council on track to get the priorities completed.


Strong, positive relationships in the community have proven beneficial in getting tasks accomplished. You can tell by my areas of involvement outside of City Government that I believe in these partnerships. More gets done when working with partners, to the benefit of our citizens.


I have been elected as one of your representatives on the North Lincoln Health District which is responsible for bringing a new 42 million dollar hospital to Lincoln City. This is an economic engine for Lincoln City that brings 350 well paid positions and health care to our community.

The Early Learning Center was created thru a partnership between the Hospital and the City. This example of providing affordable and professional childcare is of how these partnerships can benefit the community.


Additionally, I serve on the Lincoln County Foundation, responsible for administering over 5 million dollars in continued educational scholarships for our County youth. $105,000 was awarded this spring.


I serve at the pleasure of the Siletz Tribal Council on 4 of their advisory boards; Siletz Tribal Charitable Giving, Siletz Tribal Revolving Credit Program, Siletz Management LLC and Siletz Economic Development Advisory Committee. The Tribe is the largest employer in Lincoln County. Working together with the Tribe supports efforts where we can collaborate on projects.


And I attend 2 ODOT - Area Commissions on Transportation meetings per month.


Why ODOT?  Lincoln County and Lincoln City depend upon HWY 18 and 101. Attention to and improvements to these highways don’t just happen.


Examples of these partnerships are the improvements to 101 through the Nelscott gap, after a 12 year delay, that included a much requested traffic light and street alignment at SE/SW 32nd by this Nelscott Neighborhood Association, grants to complete the Transportation System Plan, and grants to complete the Nelscott area master plan on the East side.


Additionally, by attending these ODOT meetings, a turn lane off 101 to E. Devils Lake Road is completed and soon a pathway along 101 from W. Devils Lake Road to the Neotsu Post Office will be happening. Funding is approved and ready for construction.


And I am a member of Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce even though I am not a business owner. Networking with businesses keeps the lines of communication open with the Council.


What are your top priorities for the City and how would you implement them?


Fiscal stability, Long term responsible management of Public Funds.

This includes the awareness of the impact taxes and fees have on our local citizens’ household incomes.


Infrastructure, primarily water and sewer.  The reason Lincoln City was originally formed was the management of merging of separate communities who couldn’t afford to meet water and sewer needs like new environmental standards and maintenance separately. These systems cannot be taken for granted simply because they are underground. Nelscott has been effected by waste discharges in heavy rain events because the current pipe system can’t handle the volume of this influx of rain water. We are working to alleviate this problem.


Housing- For all income levels in our Community. It is not that the City hasn’t done anything but we are taking much too long, because of a lack of focus.


Transportation, Health Care and our Schools are not the City’s direct responsibility areas but can be and should be recipients of our influence and attention. These are items that are vital to the overall health of our community.


As a reminder, once the big goals are accomplished there is time to work on Quality of Life goals.


How would I implement these priorities?

This part of the question implies that The Mayor has more power than any other Councilor in getting tasks accomplished.  That is not necessarily true.  One person, one vote.


As stated earlier I believe it is about partnerships and positive relationships. That is how I get things done. This is not only with the community but with individual members of City Council.  My leadership abilities can be best described in assisting others to reach their objectives while accomplishing the group’s goals.


Additionally, my willingness to communicate, be accessible, listen and be willing to work towards a compromise, are skills that I have demonstrated in the past and would continue to utilize.

 Being open minded to new ideas and opinions is hard work, but I will continue providing this type of Leadership.



I ask for your vote in November.  Dick Anderson for Mayor.





There is positive economic growth in Lincoln County with a lot of the accolades going to the Lincoln County Commissioners. Great job, but is it really happening countywide?

With the release of the recent Economic Study of Lincoln County, it is more than ever evident that not all parts of the county benefit equally in economic growth. The disparity of the median income tells it best with the highest median income in the county being Newport at $47,000 and the lowest being Lincoln City at $29,000. The other Lincoln County Cities fall in between.


Property taxes are what provide the primary income for our County budget. Over half the population of Lincoln County lives in one of its seven cities and a majority of the real property assessed value in the County is within these city limits. Additionally, 23% of the county’s assessed value comes from Lincoln City and only 18% comes from Newport


So, while Lincoln City has the lowest median income in the County, it contributes the highest level of assessed value to fund the County budget. Perhaps this is the time that as a County we begin to discuss the need for Wards/Districts/Zones from which our County Commissioners would be elected so all parts of the County are represented.


At the same time, I believe that there would be great value in collaboration between our County and City Governments. Collaboration and cooperation are two key essentials for our county’s future.  None of the current County Commissioners have prior City Government experience. Relationships need to be built so these elected officials will work together to better deliver services throughout the County.


David Allen, a Newport City Councilor, raised the question of whether we should have paid or non-paid County Commissioners. At the very least, we should perhaps discuss   the level of compensation that is currently being paid to these three individuals, especially if the overall county budget is of any concern.  The current structure is to have three Commissioners manage the operations of the County and its policies. The Commissioners are compensated at the level of full time employment. I question whether we, as Citizens, are getting the full benefit of full time employees. Weekly daytime meetings do not constitute full time employment. I’m not suggesting we have the Commissioners punch a time clock or be glued to their desks, but I am suggesting that we, as Citizens, should know what the Commissioners are doing, how they spend their day and the results they are achieving. For example, public calendars of the Commissioners schedules could be made available online. Citizens would then be informed as to meetings they attend outside of the County Commission meetings and workshops or events they attend representing all of us.


I also believe that we are in the high tech world now and Commission meetings should be distributed live on cable and/or live on the internet so Citizens have the opportunity to view the proceedings.  Even holding some of the meetings in the evening rather than 9:30am would benefit citizens who would like to attend after their work hours. Finding out what transpires in the Commission meetings at a later date makes it much more difficult for anyone to respond to an issue in a timely manner.